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AUSTIN, TX—August 20, 2018–Day Dreamer App, a cross-medium mobile application where creatives can connect and collaborate with other local artists, is now available for free on the Apple App and Google Play stores.  Day Dreamer is perfect for hobbyists, up-and-coming artists, and professionals within 9 artistic mediums: music, visual arts, photography, videography, theater and dance, design, beauty, fashion, and an “other” option. To celebrate, Day Dreamer invites the public to attend their free launch celebration at Cheer Up Charlie’s on September 7, 2018, from 8pm-2am. At the public event, each of the 9 mediums on the Day Dreamer mobile app will be represented via interactive exhibits, which includes: live painting, local musicians, VR, and a braid bar.


Day Dreamer is more than a community - it’s a local resource center for creatives. In need of an illustrator to design a logo or poster for an event coming up? Looking for a producer for your next album? Need a videographer to record your performance? With Day Dreamer, artists of all mediums can bring their creative visions to life.


Day Dreamer was created by co-founder and CEO, Mary Walker (originally from Dallas, TX), when she was living in Los Angeles, discovering first-hand how difficult it is to find creative collaborators when moving to a new city. During her journey, Mary ended up spending thousands of dollars - and far more time - on an album she eventually had to scrap because it was inconsistent with her vision.


Upon moving back to Texas, Mary ended up connecting with previous collaborators on the scrapped album. This time, however, Mary spent 75% less on a final product that exceeded her wildest dreams.


“I realized that the element that saved me time and money was the relationship with my former collaborators. We had all worked together over the years, had supported one another, shared skills, and they understood my style,” described Mary.


This experience is what gave birth to the initial idea of Day Dreamer - a centralized creative network where you could meet people in your area and have the online connection translate into offline results. Mary continues, “you save the most time and money when both creatives can contribute to one another’s success - when the art stems from a good working relationship and not based on a single transaction.”


Upon migrating to Austin, Mary met dozens of other artists struggling with the same dilemma. In a chance encounter in December 2017, Mary connected with Kelsey Peterson to initially collaborate on music, and through her startup and music business background, Kelsey would later become co-founder and COO of Day Dreamer. Kelsey, a songwriter currently working at Waterloo Records & Video and originally from Chicago, understood this problem and the Day Dreamer vision from the very start.


“It all made sense,” Kelsey mentions. “As artists, the ‘struggling to make ends meet’ lifestyle has been a constant for hundreds of years, if not longer. Add in how much it costs to put our art out into the world, no wonder so many of us need a 9 to 5 office job or are below the federal poverty line! But it doesn’t have to be this way – if we find the right people to join our ideas and add their unique flair, the project looks more like the next big startup than just a way to express ourselves artistically.”


Kelsey adds, “Craigslist is something I used for more than a decade to find collaborators. Out of maybe 100 ads/responses, I only heard back from 1 musician when I was out in San Francisco – that’s absolutely ridiculous.” And the data validates this need. As of 1/27/2018, there were 1,980 creative Craigslist ads in Austin alone (music, acting, photography, and general art). When you look at the need in other creative cities (like Los Angeles and New York), this figure starts to increase by over 163%.  Add, local networking events, Facebook groups, and other services that link individuals together by the same medium, there’s a gigantic need for a local, centralized resource for all creatives. Enter Day Dreamer – revolutionizing the way creatives connect and collaborate.


The Day Dreamer App Features:


  • Discover Your Next Collaborator: view, interact and experience other artistic projects within your local Day Dreamer feed. Define the location radius between 0-100 miles.

  • Grow Your Rolodex: enjoy someone’s art or interested in collaborating? Click the bookmark so they’re added to your Rolodex. When the bookmark turns green, they’ve bookmarked you back.

  • Build Your Portfolio: import your videos directly from YouTube, link straight to your chosen Soundcloud tracks, or upload from your device’s media library.

  • Classify Your Need: in need of specific individuals or skill sets? Add up to 10 “Looking For” tags so they know to reach out when looking at your profile.


Since the beta launch in April 2018, Day Dreamer experienced a 30% download rate from their private-beta pool, and have been tracking collaborations that are coming out of the app. Day Dreamer recently hosted their Build Your Portfolio Vol. 1 – Performing Arts event on July 11, 2018, and are currently gearing up for Vol. 2 – Visual Arts in the coming months. The company is currently raising Seed investment.


About Day Dreamer App


Day Dreamer App is a cross-medium creative collaboration app for both iOS and Android that helps creatives connect and collaborate locally. Day Dreamer is based in Austin, TX and was founded in 2017 by co-founders Mary Walker and Kelsey Peterson. Day Dreamer has been accepted to the Tarmac TX 2018 accelerator program, which is part of the INCO global network and partners with 3M and CALSO. To learn more about Day Dreamer App, and find your next creative collaborator, visit


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