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The app

Day Dreamer is a cross-medium creative collaboration app for both iOS and Android operating systems and uses Facebook and Google login authentication. Once logged in, users are prompted to select their medium(s), can customize their profile, and apply up to 10 "Looking For" tags in order to find the perfect collaborator. Further, users can import or upload up to 5 portfolio items via Soundcloud, YouTube, or their mobile devices gallery.


Day Dreamer Mediums Include:


Photography, Videography, Music, Visual Arts, Design,

Theater & Dance, Beauty, Fashion, and an "Other" option.




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Where can I download the app?

Day Dreamer is available for both iOS and Android via the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. 

Is the app free to use?

Yes! The app is completely free and will help you find local creatives who are open to collaboration.

I can't see my profile in the feed! How can I show up for other local creatives?

The only way to show in the local Day Dreamer feed is to upload or import a project to your profile and set it as a "Featured" item. To do this, go to your Profile, click the + icon at the top-right, and select the method to upload.


Is there a way to change my profile image?

Yes! Go to your profile and then select the "Edit" button at the bottom of the current profile image.

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